Chimerism: Well-known miller is said to be two women in one body

Chimerism: Well-known miller is said to be two women in one body

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Singer publishes photos of herself with two different skin colors on the torso
The American model and singer Taylor Muhl is, in a way, a medical sensation. The 33-year-old woman is, so to speak, her own twin. She had already absorbed her twin sister's body in her womb. She is one of only around 100 people in the world who is a so-called chimeric twin.

It became known in the United States that the model Taylor Muhl is a chimeric twin. When viewing a photo on Facebook, this can be seen particularly well because the young woman has two different skin tones. This condition, also known as chimerism, is considered extremely rare in the world.

Chimerism was found in the young woman in 2009
The singer only became aware of her special condition after watching a documentary about chimerism on television. Taylor Muhl was officially diagnosed with the condition after visiting a doctor in 2009. This was a week after watching the documentary on television, the singer writes on Facebook.

Chimeras consist of two or more genetically different cell lines
Chimerism is a very rare condition that most people have probably never heard of. Chimerism is an individual that consists of two or more genetically different cell lines, which in turn come from different zygotes. Taylor Muhl is an organism that forms a single individual but is made up of different cells and tissues.

This case of chimerism is particularly rare
The condition is clearly visible on a picture published by Muhl on Facebook. Your torso has two different skin colors. On the one hand, the young woman has her own skin color, on the other hand, the pigmentation of her former twin is shown. This makes her case particularly rare because most people with chimerism show no external symptoms.

The victim has two immune systems and two blood streams
Overall, everything in the left side of her body is slightly larger. The young woman also has two immune systems and two blood streams. The different immune systems lead to health problems. For example, only one side of your body shows allergic reactions to metal. The singer is also particularly at risk during the flu season. The young woman is particularly affected by the flu here because the twin sister's DNA weakens the immune system. This explains their susceptibility to allergies and immune diseases.

There are only about 100 documented cases of chimerism
The model decided to make her rare condition public. So she wanted to show why she is so unique and encourage other people with chimerism to do the same. In total there are just 100 documented cases of chimerism in the world.

People with chimerism should accept themselves unconditionally
When you work in the entertainment industry, you are under the overwhelming pressure to be as perfect as possible. “If I make my own imperfection public, it can motivate other people to do so. Hopefully, this will enable these people to accept themselves unconditionally and to find themselves beautiful, just as they were created, ”explains the singer on Facebook. (as)

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