Remedies for blemished skin: doctors find acne vaccine

Remedies for blemished skin: doctors find acne vaccine

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Against pimples and blackheads: Researchers are working on vaccination against acne
Many adolescents struggle with pimples and blackheads during puberty. Blemished skin is a huge burden for teenagers. Such skin problems can also occur again and again in adults. Researchers from the United States are now giving those affected hope that they are developing an acne vaccine.

Not only teenagers have blemished skin
Pimples and blackheads are common among teenagers during puberty. Acne is also relatively common in adults. Those affected then often try to use cosmetics or home remedies to treat pimples and oily skin. An acne vaccine may help those affected in the future.

Different reasons for problem skin
There are many reasons for problem skin: stress, incorrect cosmetic products or hygiene, hormonal dispositions, certain medications or an unhealthy diet can result in pimples and blackheads.

There is also a specific bacterium that is responsible for acne. "Acne is partly caused by P. acnes bacteria that accompany you all your life - and we have not yet been able to create a vaccine against these bacteria because P. acnes is also good for you in some ways," said Eric C. Huang Allure magazine.

"But we have now found an antibody against a toxic protein that the P. acnes bacteria secrete to the skin. This protein is related to the inflammation that eventually leads to acne, ”said Huang, who is working on research into vaccination against acne at the University of California, San Diego.

In addition to acne, P. acnes can also cause chronic gastritis, as recently reported by Austrian researchers.

Natural remedies for acne
So far, the US scientists have only tested the effect of the vaccine on tissue samples from acne patients. According to the information, the results were consistently positive.

"The next step is to test it on patients in clinical trials," said Huang. According to the researcher, the first phase of this investigation, which could take one to two years, will start soon.

A few years ago, a company from Austria had given hope of vaccination against pimples. But there is still no corresponding means on the market.

Affected people must therefore initially continue to rely on cosmetic products or home remedies for acne. These include medicinal clay, tea tree oil and aloe vera. (ad)

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