Studies: Vibration training can help with overweight and obesity

Studies: Vibration training can help with overweight and obesity

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Study uses mice to study the effects of exercises on vibration devices
Many people do sports to keep their bodies healthy and fit and to avoid becoming overweight. Researchers are now investigating whether a less strenuous form of exercise that uses so-called vibration plates leads to similar health benefits.

In their investigation, the scientists at Augusta University found that the use of vibration plates or so-called whole-body vibration training achieved the advantages of regular movement in mice. The doctors published the results of their study in the journal "Endocrinology".

What is whole body vibration training?
So-called whole-body vibration training is carried out sitting or standing on devices with a vibration platform. When the machine starts to vibrate, it transfers energy to the body. As a result, the muscles of those affected contract and relax several times per second, the researchers say.

Physical activity reduces negative metabolic effects
Many people find it difficult to exercise regularly. The lack of exercise increases the risk of obesity and diabetes, the experts explain. According to the researchers, such diseases can also increase the risk of broken bones. Physical activity can help reduce this risk and reduce the negative metabolic effects.

Vibration training helps against the negative effects of obesity and diabetes
Whole-body vibration training can achieve the health benefits of regular exercise for muscles and bones, at least when tested on mice, the scientists say. Our study shows that whole-body vibration training can be just as effective as normal training when it comes to combating some of the negative effects of obesity and diabetes, adds Dr. Meghan E. McGee-Lawrence of Augusta University added.

Long-term training appears to reduce bone loss
Training on vibration machines was unable to compensate for the deficiencies in the bone mass of obese mice, but it did result in increased bone formation. This suggests that longer-term treatments could stop bone loss, the scientists explain.

Mice were divided into three groups
For the study, the researchers examined two groups of five-week-old male mice. One group consisted of normal mice, while the other group was genetically insensitive to the hormone leptin. This hormone gives a feeling of satiety after eating, say the experts. Mice from both groups were assigned to either a sedentary group, a treadmill exercise group, or a vibration device group.

How exactly were the mice trained?
After a one-week period of familiarization, the mice started a twelve-week exercise program. One group exercised on vibrating machines at a frequency of 32 Hz for 20 minutes every day. Mice in the treadmill group walked on a treadmill with a slight incline for 45 minutes daily. The third group did not do any exercises, the doctors say. The mice were then weighed weekly to assess the effects of the training.

Effects of training
The genetically obese and diabetic mice showed similar metabolic benefits from treadmill exercises and vibratory training. The obese mice achieved greater weight loss through exercise than the sedentary mice, the authors say. Nevertheless, the training mice remained heavier than normal mice. Exercising on the treadmill and on vibration machines increased muscle mass and insulin sensitivity in the obese mice.

More research is needed
However, there were no significant effects on healthy young mice. These results suggest that vibration device training can be a useful complementary therapy to combat metabolic dysfunction in people with pathological obesity, the scientists say. These results are encouraging. Since our study was carried out on mice, the results found must be strictly checked on humans, adds author Dr. McGee-Lawrence added. (as)

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