Homeopathy in Russia rated as pseudoscience

Homeopathy in Russia rated as pseudoscience

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Russian Academy of Sciences classifies homeopathy as pseudoscience
The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAW) has classified homeopathy as a pseudoscience. According to the experts, there is no medical reason for the effectiveness of the small, white beads. Proponents of the alternative healing method point out, however, that the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies has been proven in studies.

State clinics should no longer use homeopathic remedies
While some people idolize homeopathy, others refer to the procedure as charlatanism. Scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the small white spheres can hardly be found. Although some doctors point out that studies have shown that homeopathy is effective for pain, for example, but an Australian team of researchers found that such preparations did not work better than placebos. In Russia, state clinics should no longer use homeopathic remedies, scientists recommend.

No scientifically sound evidence
The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAW) officially classified homeopathy as a pseudoscience. According to Russian media reports, an academy commission wrote that there is no scientifically proven evidence for the effectiveness of the alternative healing method.

As the APA news agency reports, the experts recommended the Ministry of Health to stop using homeopathic remedies at state clinics. According to a report by the Interfax agency, Health Minister Weronika Skworzowa announced in Moscow that it would set up a working group.

Homeopathy was not prohibited in the Soviet Union
The healing teaching founded over 200 years ago by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) also has many followers in Russia.

As Michael Schkolenko from the Homeopathic Association of the former Soviet Republics told the newspaper Kommersant, Tsar Nikolaus I and Soviet Marshal Georgi Schukow would have resorted to homeopathy.

"If homeopathy hadn't helped, the members of the central committee wouldn't have been treated with it either."

Homeopathy was not prohibited in the Soviet Union, but was not promoted. In the 1990s, it was integrated into the Russian healthcare system.

The belief in the effect works
As part of homeopathic treatment, sick people receive - in strong dilution - the substances that, according to homeopaths, cause the disease. Patients often report an improved condition after such treatment.

On the one hand, this is due to how the placebo effect can work - the belief in the effect works alone. On the other hand, homeopaths usually deal intensively with their patients.
A lack of scientific evidence on the effects of homeopathy does not matter to many: experience is more important than studies.

"People want to believe in miracles," says Dr. Natalie Grams. The doctor, who had run a homeopathic practice and wrote a critical book on homeopathy ("Homeopathy Rethought - What Really Helps Patients"), said in a critical discussion with "Heilpraxisnet":

“People don't necessarily tend to be rational. We like to believe in miracles, we find great promises more appealing than critical thinking and consistent questioning - we all. "

Special position in German pharmaceutical law
In Germany, homeopathy enjoys a special position in pharmaceutical law. The effectiveness of the funds does not have to be proven by scientific studies. Nevertheless, the treatments are now paid for by some health insurance companies.

“From today's perspective, it is no longer understandable why homeopathy was then included in pharmaceutical law,” says Dr. "Homeopathy is an outdated doctrine of salvation from pre-scientific times, the basic assumptions of which completely contradict scientific and medical knowledge," said the expert.

Dr. Natalie Gram's headed information network homeopathy (INH) wants to help "that you get the right information about homeopathy", it says on its website.

According to their own statements, the experts want to explain, among other things, “what is still true about homeopathy, which Hahnemann invented 200 years ago. And what not". Or also “how homeopathy works. And how not ". (ad)

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