Hypertension: Doctors find an important form of therapy for high blood pressure

Hypertension: Doctors find an important form of therapy for high blood pressure

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So far unknown mechanism for hypertension therapy can be used?
Hypertension is one of the most common common diseases worldwide and is associated with the risk of serious complications. With high blood pressure, the risk of heart attacks, strokes and long-term organ damage increases, reports the University Medical Center Mainz. Here, researchers have now discovered a new option for treating high blood pressure.

With the previous treatment approaches, the late effects of high blood pressure can often only be insufficiently prevented, the Mainz researchers led by Professor Dr. Philip Wenzel. However, a newly discovered interaction between factors of blood coagulation and the inflammatory reaction may open up new treatment options here. The scientists report on their current study results in the journal "Science Translational Medicine".

Blood coagulation factor activated in hypertension
The researchers from the Center for Cardiology and the Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis (CTH) at the University Medical Center Mainz were able to prove that the so-called blood coagulation factor XI is more activated in patients with high blood pressure. If this blood coagulation factor is inhibited, "then the high blood pressure can be significantly reduced and there are fewer inflammatory reactions," according to the Mainz University Medical Center. This discovery opens up new therapeutic options for the treatment of hypertension and inflammatory diseases.

Hypertension is the cause of many deaths
According to the doctors, around 25 million people in Germany suffer from high blood pressure. An undetected or untreated high blood pressure significantly increases the risk of consequential damage to the cardiovascular system and the kidney, which could have fatal consequences for those affected. Around one in four die from the consequences of high blood pressure, according to the doctors.

Surprising study results
With regard to the effects, it has been known for some time that high blood pressure is associated with inflammation of the vascular walls and consequently with vascular damage. However, the connection with blood coagulation that has now been established is a groundbreaking new discovery. “It was completely surprising for us that a coagulation mechanism can also play a major role in the development and development of high blood pressure,” reports Prof. Wenzel. In their study, the researchers tested the blood pressure-increasing hormone angiotensin II in an animal model and found that angiotensin II triggers an inflammatory reaction in the vessel wall.

Therapeutic inhibition of the blood coagulation factor in hypertension
The researchers also observed that the inflammatory response was significantly enhanced by components of the blood coagulation system. The blood coagulation factor XI is responsible for this. Its actual task is to drive the activation of coagulation on the surface of the platelets, whereby it is supported by surface receptors of the platelets. "With this complex interplay of different factors and cells, we were astonished by the results of the study: Both the inflammatory response and the development of high blood pressure could be significantly reduced by therapeutic inhibition of blood coagulation factor XI," emphasizes Prof. Wenzel.

New treatment approach for hypertension
By inhibiting the coagulation factor, which is known to only play a subordinate role in normal hemostasis, according to the medical experts, the extent of kidney damage could even be significantly reduced. The subsequent examinations of patient samples also made it clear that there is an increased activation of coagulation on the platelets in patients with increased blood pressure. Here, the coagulation factor XI is also the driving force. "These findings suggest that drug inhibition of blood coagulation factor XI could help hypertension patients," said the University Medical Center Mainz.

Consequential damage can be better avoided in the future
There is much to suggest that the success of therapy and thus the life expectancy of patients with high blood pressure with an inhibited blood coagulation factor XI could be significantly improved, Prof. emphasizes. So far, the multifactorial disease of high blood pressure has been treated with a combination of different drugs, but the current research results open up new ones Treatment options for hypertension and its consequential damage with the help of an inhibition of the blood coagulation factor, according to the researchers. (fp)

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