Use yellow lemons to identify the first symptoms of breast cancer earlier

Use yellow lemons to identify the first symptoms of breast cancer earlier

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Fighting breast cancer: symptoms shown using lemons
In Germany alone, around 70,000 women develop breast cancer every year. Breast cancer is the most common tumor in women. As a rule, the chances of recovery increase the earlier the tumor is discovered. A picture showing 12 breast cancer symptoms using lemons can help with early diagnosis.

Better chances of recovery with early diagnosis
Breast cancer, also called breast cancer, is the most common malignant tumor in women. Around 70,000 new cases are counted annually in Germany alone. The chances of a cure usually increase the earlier the tumor is discovered and the more precisely it can be diagnosed. That is why it is so important for women to know their own breasts well and to regularly examine and feel them themselves. A presentation with lemons helps women to better identify features or symptoms that suggest breast cancer.

Self-examination of the breasts
Women from 50 to 69 years old can participate in the breast cancer screening program free of charge, but in some places only about every second person goes to mammography screening. Some women are afraid of the exam - it is not entirely painless.

Even though it is known that the examination does not offer a guarantee, according to experts, more than 17,000 carcinomas could be detected by mammography screenings within one year.

Regardless of medical screening, it is also important for every woman to examine herself again and again. One organization came up with something very special: It presents 12 symptoms of breast cancer using lemons.

What women have to look out for
"Know your Lemons" is written by the organization "Worldwide Breast Cancer" on its website. "They can teach you a lot about breast cancer."

An illustration with the citrus fruits clearly shows which changes in the breast can occur in the event of an illness. Because women are often not aware of what to look for when examining their breasts.

The campaign, launched a few months ago, received increased attention after the photo was shared with the lemons on Facebook by a breast cancer patient.

Since it would be forbidden to post photos of bare breasts on this social network, it is certainly sensible to present the possible indications of breast cancer using fruit.

12 symptoms of breast cancer
The picture with the 12 lemons in an egg carton clearly shows what breast cancer can look like or feel like.

The following changes are shown on the graphic: swollen breast, deepening, skin changes, redness or heat, secretion, nicks in the skin, bulges in the breast, protruding veins, indented nipple, changed appearance or size of the breast, orange peel and one not from the outside visible knot.

Not all changes are automatically signs of cancer
Although it is generally advisable to have the points mentioned medically clarified, the basic principle is that changes can also be a sign of hormonal changes or an infection and do not automatically have to be a sign of cancer.

“Benign breast changes often contribute to the anxiety of young women in particular. Cysts or swellings are relatively common before menopause, ”writes the“ Cancer Information Service ”of the German Cancer Information Center (DKFZ).

"With a few exceptions, however, such changes do not mean a particular increase in cancer risk. If you notice for the first time that a breast feels different than usual, you should talk to your doctor about it for safety, ”it continues. (ad)

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