Medication plan: Have a doctor draw up a plan for three or more medications

Medication plan: Have a doctor draw up a plan for three or more medications

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Patients can have a doctor draw up a plan for three or more medications
Around every fourth in Germany takes several pills a day. Older people in particular are often dependent on a large number of medications. In order to keep a better eye on the dosage and the time of day, it may be useful to have a medication plan drawn up by your doctor.

Protection against medication errors
Two pills in the morning, one at noon and another medication in the evening - in this country a very large part of the population relies on taking several medicines. Seniors in particular can quickly lose track of things. To better protect yourself from medication errors as a patient, it may make sense to have a medication plan drawn up by your doctor.

Entitlement to medication plan
The Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations in its magazine "Neue Apotheken Illustrierte" (January 1, 2017 edition) points out that anyone who takes at least three medicines that the health insurance company pays is entitled to such a plan.

This should be helpful, especially for seniors, to keep an overview of the medication taken. “With the medication plan, we ensure greater therapeutic safety when taking medication. This is of great help, especially for older, chronically and multiply ill people, ”said Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe in a press release.

Avoid intake errors and interactions
In addition to the name of the respective medication, the plan also contains the active ingredients contained and the dosage determined by the doctor. It also explains why the medicine has been prescribed and how to take it. So the patient can check at any time whether he has to take a tablet before or after eating, for example.

“Patients can see at a glance when they should take which medication and in what amount. And the doctor or pharmacist knows immediately which medicines the insured is currently using. In this way, revenue errors or dangerous interactions can be avoided, ”said Gröhe.

Update plan when changes are made
According to the ministry, the medication plan should be drawn up and updated by the doctor, who will focus on the patient and coordinate the medically necessary therapy and diagnostic measures.

Usually these are the general practitioners. Pharmacists are required to update the plan at the patient's request if medication changes.

The medication plan is to be saved on the health card in future
From 2018, the medication plan should also be saved on the electronic health card in addition to the paper printout. The basis for the introduction of the nationwide uniform medication plan is the E-Health Act, which came into force at the end of the year before last. (ad)

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