Healthy almond milk: what can the alternative to cow's milk do?

Healthy almond milk: what can the alternative to cow's milk do?

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Instead of cow's milk: the advantages of superfood almond milk
Be it because cow's milk products are not tolerated or because you generally want to do without animal foods: those who use almond milk are doing something good for their health. The juice from the almond fruit not only contains many minerals and vitamins, but can even protect against diseases.

Herbal alternative to cow's milk
Some people rely on plant-based milk alternatives because they want to eat without animal products if possible. For others, health issues or intolerance, such as lactose intolerance, play a role. No matter what the reasons are, those who choose milk from almonds are doing something good for their body.

High quality protein and numerous minerals
Almonds contain a lot of high-quality protein and can thus contribute to the daily protein requirement. In addition, almonds and their milk provide many unsaturated fatty acids, minerals such as magnesium, calcium and copper as well as large amounts of vitamins B and E.

An older study even showed that almonds can protect against diabetes. You can also lower cholesterol.

In addition, studies indicate that regular consumption of almonds can reduce mortality from cardiovascular diseases. A recent study also indicated an antihypertensive effect. Furthermore, almonds contain an increased proportion of folic acid, which is very important especially during pregnancy.

Brain food
Last but not least, almonds are food for the brain. Even the medicinal Hildegard von Bingen pointed out the positive effects of these fruits in her 800-year-old nutritional therapy: “But whoever has an empty brain and a bad face color and therefore headache, often eat the almond fruit, and it fills the brain and gives it to him correct color […] ”(Strehlow 2005).

Versatile use
In the past, almond milk was often only found in health food stores or health food stores, but it is now also available in most supermarkets. When shopping, care should be taken that it is as natural as possible.

Almond milk can generally be used wherever cow's milk is used. Pure it is a filling snack. It can also be used for shakes, smoothies, puddings, desserts or sauces. An almond soup is also delicious, consisting of almond milk and whole almonds. Since ready-made milk is often heavily sweetened and mixed with artificial flavors, some people prefer to prepare their almond milk themselves. (ad)

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