Hydrotherapy: Cold water to protect against infections

Hydrotherapy: Cold water to protect against infections

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New findings: water therapy even helps on individual parts of the body
Humans have long since not only used water for drinking and washing. The healing power of water was known in ancient times. Pastor Sebastian Kneipp later developed his water therapy to strengthen the immune system. Their effectiveness has now been scientifically proven. Now there are new insights.

Water has been used for healing for centuries
It was known in ancient times that water can also serve as medicinal water: centuries later, various forms of hydrotherapy were developed further. The spa doctor and pastor Sebastian Kneipp also treated people with the forces of water.

A quote that is attributed to him illustrates the great importance of refreshing water: “If water is an excellent means for healthy people to maintain their health and strength, it is the first cure even in illness; it is the most natural, simplest, cheapest and, if used correctly, the safest means. "

Kneipp applications are best known for their so-called treading water. But water therapy also works on the arms or face. (Image: britta60 /

Strengthen the immune system
Kneipp invented water therapy, which can be used, among other things, to strengthen the immune system. Scientists from the University of Jena have clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of the therapy in studies. The cold Kneipp showers are therefore an intense stimulus for the body and thus strengthen the body's defenses. Kneipp applications are also recommended as home remedies for high blood pressure or varicose veins.

Applying water on the face
As reported by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), Essen doctors at the Clinic for Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine have now used Kneipp's water on two faces and examined their type A immunoglobulin (IgA status). These defense bodies occur in the saliva and also in the mucous membrane of the mouth, nose and throat. There it is their job to ward off intruders such as the causative agents of runny nose, cough and flu infections.

Defense bodies prevent viruses from docking
The pathogenic viruses enter the body via the nose and throat and nest in the mucous membrane. The mucous membrane contains the IgA defense bodies, which attach themselves to the viruses and prevent docking to the mucous membrane. The immune system also attracts the body's own phagocytes, which destroy the viruses. However, this only works if there are sufficient defense cells.

Circulatory effect
As the report says, the study participants had to slowly wash their foreheads and cheeks with a thick, cold water jet - three times in a row according to the old Kneipp rule. When the IgA status of the test persons was measured again after a week with Kneipp’s facial castings in the morning and evening and an additional stimulation of the tongue circulation with a toothbrush, it became apparent that the IgA values ​​had increased in both participants.

According to the information, they had a whole 25 percent more immunoglobulin than without regular facial irrigation. The experts assume that the Kneipp castings are so effective due to their circulation-increasing effect. So the blood vessels from the cold water first contract and then expand greatly. This causes a lot more blood to flow through. The better the blood flow to the nose, throat and oral mucosa, the more IgA and phagocytes are formed there.

Cold showers must be carried out regularly
The cold casts must be carried out regularly for them to work. At least three times a week. In addition to the facial castings, the classic Kneipp treatments can also be carried out yourself, even in your own bathroom or in a Kneipp’s water treadmill. The immune system is stimulated by the cold stimuli in the legs or on the forearms. However, you should not cool down, because this would weaken the organism again. Three to a maximum of five minutes are sufficient for each application. (ad)

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