Veggi-World: What if everyone were vegetarians everywhere

Veggi-World: What if everyone were vegetarians everywhere

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Healthier people - If we were all vegetarians
More and more people are reducing their meat consumption. Mostly, health aspects are in the foreground. But ethical and ecological reasons also often play a role. Scientists have now dealt with the question of what if we were all vegetarians. The result: The planet and us humans are doing much better.

Vegetarians live longer
A recent study showed that vegetable protein is significantly healthier than animal protein. In general, human health benefits from reducing or avoiding meat. Scientists reported in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association about an increased life expectancy for vegetarians. They live almost four years longer than meat consumers. But what if all people were vegetarians? Researchers from England have investigated this question. They found that this would make the world and the population much better.

Contribution to environmental protection
According to experts, a meat-rich diet leads, among other things, to an increased formation of uric acid in the body, which in the long term can lead to kidney stones or gout in some people. In addition, various studies have indicated that excessive red meat consumption increases the risk of colon cancer or heart attack. But not only health aspects speak for a vegetarian diet. It is also a contribution against factory farming and environmental protection.

Seven million fewer dead
This is also shown by a study by a research team led by Dr. Marco Springmann from the University of Oxford (Great Britain). In the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" (PNAS), the scientists write: "What we eat has a major impact on our personal health and the environment, which we all share." Their study has now provided concrete figures. As the British "Guardian" reports, according to the experts, there could be a good seven million fewer deaths per year with a worldwide vegetarian diet by 2050.

Quarter of greenhouse gases due to food
The death rate would decrease by around seven percent. This is because people who do not eat meat but eat more fruits and vegetables are less likely to become overweight and have heart problems. It is said that two thirds fewer greenhouse gases from food production would be released into the atmosphere. At the moment, a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions go to the food account. All of this would also be worth something economically. This could save nearly $ 1.5 trillion in health care and the cost of climate damage.

It takes more than just technological changes
Study author Springmann explained: “We don't expect everyone to be vegan. But the impact of the food system on climate change requires more than just technological changes. Adopting a healthier and more environmentally friendly diet would be a big step in the right direction. ”(Ad)

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