Suspected cancer: Alcohol can cause at least seven different types of cancer

Suspected cancer: Alcohol can cause at least seven different types of cancer

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Study finds evidence of link between alcohol and cancer
Alcohol consumption can lead to serious health and psychological problems, a fact that most people should have known for a long time. However, researchers have now found that even small amounts of alcohol can cause seven different types of cancer.

An international team of scientists found in the current investigation that alcohol consumption can lead to seven different types of cancer. Even if people only drink small amounts of alcohol, this already increases their risk for the cancers. The doctors published the results of their study in the "Addiction" journal.

New better education campaigns called for
The results of the new study clearly show that we need more education campaigns that provide better information about the dangers of alcohol and cancer, the authors say. The experts add that there is widespread public ignorance of the close relationship between alcohol and cancer. The researchers in the study are now demanding that regular drinkers should urgently introduce non-alcoholic days. In addition, packaging of alcohol should have clear warnings.

Clear evidence of alcohol as a cause of cancer
A re-analysis of data from recent years has now shown that alcohol is involved in the development of breast, colon, liver cancer and other types of cancer. The research concludes that there is clear evidence that alcohol is a direct cause of cancer, says author Jennie Connor from Otago University in New Zealand

Alcohol causes at least seven types of cancer, probably more
There is strong evidence that alcohol causes cancer in seven places in our bodies, and probably more, the experts explain. Even without a full understanding of the biological mechanisms by which alcohol triggers cancer, epidemiological findings support the statement that alcohol increases the risk of cancer of the throat, esophagus, liver, colon, rectum, breast and larynx, the explain Medical professionals.

Low consumption can also cause cancer
There is also increasing evidence that alcohol causes skin, prostate, and pancreatic cancer. The risk seems to increase with the amount drunk. The highest risks are associated with heavy drinking, but a low or moderate consumption of alcohol is also a significant burden on our health, the authors explain. In the UK, there are guidelines that say men should drink a maximum of seven liters of beer a week. Of course, women should in no way exceed this threshold, the experts advise.

Generally, people need to be better informed about the risks of alcohol. We do know that nine out of ten people are not aware of the link between alcohol and cancer, the doctors add. The influence of parents on the offspring is also important here. Because parents have a significant influence on their children's alcohol consumption.

How do I reduce my alcohol consumption?
Taking a few non-alcoholic days every week is a great way to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. You can also try drinking small portions or using small glasses, the scientists advise. Larger glasses will make you drink more. Drink more drinks without alcohol or choose drinks with a low alcohol content. Also, if you want to avoid having a supply of alcohol at home, add the doctors. (As)

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