Psychologist: Children tend to trust more beautiful people

Psychologist: Children tend to trust more beautiful people

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New study: children think beautiful people are more trustworthy
Surveys show men that a woman's intelligence is more important than appearance. Nevertheless, an attractive appearance is obviously of great importance - at least for children. According to a new study, children tend to trust beautiful people.

Good-looking people seem more trustworthy
In a report by the British Independent, Harvard professor Amy Cuddy recently stated that two questions form our first impression when we first meet a stranger. The first question was "How trustworthy does my counterpart appear?" And the second one: "How competent do I rate the other person?" But what makes people appear trustworthy? Chinese researchers have now found that the appearance obviously plays a major role here. At least for children.

Children trust beautiful people
A new study from China shows that even children tend to trust beautiful people. As part of their investigation, the researchers led by Dr. Fengling Ma from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in Hangzhou presented 100 computer-generated faces to 100 children aged eight, ten and twelve. According to the internet portal "", the male faces were "all with a neutral expression and a direct look". The small test subjects were asked to assess how trustworthy they found the people.

Appearance was more important in girls
As the experts from the Professional Association of Pediatricians (BVKJ) report on their website "", it was shown that the children considered people to be more trustworthy, whose faces they considered attractive. In the journal "Frontiers in Psychology", the scientists reported that children of an age group assessed trustworthiness more and more as they grew older, and that their assessment more and more matched that of adults. That was especially true for girls.

Adults decide within 50 milliseconds
The researchers concluded that the ability to interpret facial features increased with age and thus with the children's social experience. Only male faces were presented to the study participants, but earlier studies had indicated that children are also subject to the beauty cliché, according to which attractive people are automatically perceived as intelligent, sociable and successful. Studies also showed that adults can decide whether to trust someone or not based on their appearance within 50 milliseconds. This also applies if they see the face of a person from a different culture. (ad)

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