When arrested: thief with hepatitis C bites police officers in the arm

When arrested: thief with hepatitis C bites police officers in the arm

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Bite could have serious consequences for the official
In Munich, a woman suffering from hepatitis C bit a police officer and possibly infected him with the virus. The 40-year-old had previously been caught shoplifting. However, it can only be determined in a few weeks after the doctors whether the official concerned has actually been infected.

Woman wants to steal shoes from department store
A chase in downtown Munich could have serious consequences for a police officer. As reported by the Munich Police Headquarters, a department store detective observed a woman in a shop on Bahnhofplatz on Saturday who had unpacked a nail clipper and was going to the department store's sports department. With the tool, she removed the anti-theft device from a pair of shoes and then went with them towards the exit.

Blood test is positive
The detective stopped the 40-year-old and called the police. However, after an officer tried to take her to the company car, the woman tried to escape. The policeman took up the chase and was able to hold on to it - the shoplifter did not put up with this and bit the man hard in the forearm, causing a visible injury. Afterwards, according to the report, she announced that she was infected with hepatitis C and hoped to have infected the police officer through the bite. As a result, blood was taken from the woman immediately and it turned out that hepatitis C with very high inflammation levels had hitherto been untreated.

Disease usually takes a chronic course
Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV for short). The disease is usually chronic and can lead to liver cirrhosis or liver cell carcinoma in the long term. Viruses are primarily transmitted via blood, but in rare cases it can also be infected by other body fluids such as saliva or sperm. According to the doctors, it could only be determined in a few weeks whether the official was infected by the woman's attack. The woman without permanent residence was reported for shoplifting, assault and resistance to law enforcement officers and taken to the Munich Police Headquarters detention center. (No)

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