With a varied diet, the risk of obesity increases

With a varied diet, the risk of obesity increases

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Can a varied diet have disadvantages for weight?

Many people try to eat a balanced diet that includes a wide range of foods for improved health and normal body weight. But researchers have now found that a varied diet leads to higher calorie consumption and an increased risk of obesity.

Scientists at the University of Texas and the American Heart Association found in their current study that dietary diversity increases calorie consumption and increases the risk of obesity. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Circulation".

A varied diet leads to higher calorie consumption

According to the latest scientific statement from the American Heart Association, a varied diet could lead to the consumption of more calories, which in turn increases the risk of obesity. The problem is not with the diet itself. Some people misinterpret what exactly varied food is in connection with a healthy diet, the experts say.

What exactly is a varied diet?

After analyzing all the facts, it emerged that there is a connection between dietary diversity and a larger intake of both healthy and unhealthy foods, says study author Marcia C. de Oliveira Otto from the University of Texas. This variety of foods affected the development of obesity. There was a greater prevalence of obesity among people with a greater variety in their diet, the scientists say.

Researchers analyzed various scientific articles

For the majority of people, it remains unclear how healthy a varied diet is. Thus, it is also unclear whether a diverse diet pattern represents a healthy nutritional goal, the experts explain. The scientific evaluation of various studies that were published between 2000 and 2017 did not reveal any evidence that a greater variety in nutrition overall leads to healthy weight or optimal nutrition.

Food diversity in a meal can delay the feeling of fullness

However, there is some evidence that a greater variety of foods in a meal can delay people's bloating, which then increases their food intake. In addition, there was also evidence that greater dietary diversity is associated with eating more calories, poor eating habits, and weight gain in adults.

Maintain a balanced diet

Instead of opting for a varied diet, people should consider eating plant foods, beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, poultry, and nuts appropriately. In addition, the experts advise that they should avoid red meat, sweets and sugary drinks as much as possible.

Nutrition has to fit budget and taste

Maintaining a selection of healthy foods that suit your budget and tastes is potentially better at maintaining a healthy body weight than if people are expanding their food choices, and possibly more unhealthy foods such as chips and chips to consume, even if they are only consumed in moderation, says Otto. (as)

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