Deadly wasp attack: 50-year-old killed by wasp stings

Deadly wasp attack: 50-year-old killed by wasp stings

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Man suffers deadly wasp stings while cutting hedges

According to media reports, a man died in North Rhine-Westphalia from the consequences of several wasp stings. The allotment gardener had apparently cut into a wasp nest while cutting hedges. The 50-year-old did not survive the subsequent insect attacks.

A wasp sting is usually not a particular health risk. Pain and swelling in the area of ​​the puncture are the usual symptoms. However, wasp stings become dangerous in allergy sufferers or if a sting occurs in the mouth and throat, the swelling of which blocks the windpipe. An extremely high number of stitches can also pose a health risk. To what extent one (or more) of these factors existed in the deceased has not yet been conclusively clarified.

Unsuccessful resuscitation by the emergency doctor

To the best of his knowledge, the 50-year-old had cut the hedge in his allotment garden in Herne and accidentally damaged the wasp nest. The wasps attacked and stabbed the man in the face several times. It was initially unclear whether wasps also got into his respiratory tract. While still on site in the allotment area, the alarmed emergency doctor tried to revive the man, but to no avail, the news agency “dpa” reported on the events. An allergic shock could not yet be ruled out by the police.

How to react to a wasp sting in an emergency?

Basically, home remedies for wasp stings can usually help, and you don't need to see a doctor. If a known insect bite allergy is suspected, and bites in the mouth and throat, contact an emergency doctor. Until it arrives, those present should provide first aid. Other possible measures include cooling the puncture site with an ice pack or cool pack, as well as shocking the victim in shock or a posture that makes breathing easier, such as the "coach seat", in which the victim sits with his torso bent over and his arms supported on his thighs. If stung are passed out, they should be placed on their side, and cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation is required if the patient stops breathing. (fp)

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