Health: Who eats something dies much earlier

Health: Who eats something dies much earlier

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Our diet determines our health
What we eat affects our life expectancy. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh investigated which poisons are produced in the preparation of food and how they affect the human body.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh found in an investigation that toxic chemicals are formed when food is cooked in a deep fryer. This generally applies to the preparation of dishes at too high temperatures. The researchers published the results of their study in a press release and also in the journal "Nutrition".

Trans fatty acids clog arteries and increase the risk of heart attack
“A high temperature when preparing food changes the chemical structure of the food,” the scientists explain. This leads to the formation of dangerous and toxic chemicals. Such toxic substances include, for example, so-called trans fatty acids. These are known to clog the arteries and increase the risk of a heart attack. The results of the new study could have a significant impact on heart disease today, says Professor Raj Bhopal of the University of Edinburgh.

Some ethnic groups are particularly at risk
The new theory could explain why some ethnic groups are at increased risk of developing heart disease. These diseases also increase the likelihood of a heart attack.

Steaming, braising and cooking produce less toxic products
Prof. Bhopal's team analyzed previous studies for his investigation, which examined the effects of newly formed contaminations in food on human and animal tissue and showed connections to heart diseases. Some cooking methods such as deep frying and roasting cause high concentrations of harmful trans fatty acids. Such methods are particularly widespread in South Asian countries, the experts explain. In contrast, there are fewer heart diseases in China. This seems to be related to the way the food is prepared. In China, people braise, steam and cook their food very often. The authors added that this preparation produces less toxic products. (sb, as)

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