Three deaths related to controversial dengue vaccination

Three deaths related to controversial dengue vaccination

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Sanofi drug company dengue vaccine deaths

In the Philippines, three deaths have been linked to a controversial dengue vaccine. Hundreds of thousands of children had been vaccinated with the preparation of the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi in recent years.

Three deaths in the Philippines have been linked to dengue vaccine

According to media reports, an investigation by the Philippine government has shown that three deaths in the Southeast Asian country have been linked to a controversial dengue vaccine. In recent years, over 800,000 children have been vaccinated with the Dengvaxia preparation from the French pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi.

Died despite vaccination

According to a representative from the Philippine Ministry of Health, the investigation was ordered after the death of 14 children after the administration of Dengvaxia - the world's first dengue vaccine - reports the "Deutsche Welle" (DW).

A causal relationship was found in three cases. "They died of dengue even though they were given dengue. Two of them may have died of vaccine failure, ”said Enrique Domingo from the Ministry of Health.

Nine others died for reasons that had nothing to do with dengue, while the cause of two more deaths could not be determined.

Sanofi rejected the allegations: "The panel of experts from the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital confirmed ... that there is currently no evidence to link the Dengvaxia vaccine to one of the 14 deaths," quotes the BBC news channel from one French group statement.

Hundreds of thousands of children vaccinated

The Department of Health stopped the Dengvaxia vaccinations in November and set up a group of ten experts to determine whether the drug was directly linked to the death of the 14 children.

“These results strengthen the Ministry of Health's decision to stop the vaccine. It failed in some children, ”says Domingo.

"Dengvaxia is not yet suitable for mass vaccinations, and it would take us another three to five years to monitor and monitor whether there are other adverse reactions from the vaccine."

According to DW, the 14 children were among the 830,000 who received the vaccine as part of the world's first public dengue immunization program in 2016 and 2017.

A neglected illness

Dengue fever is one of the so-called "neglected diseases". The infectious disease is transmitted in the tropics and subtropics by the diurnal Asian tiger mosquito. Dengue fever is also widespread in the Philippines.

An effective drug or a safe vaccine against the tropical disease does not yet exist.

The clinical spectrum in the case of an infection ranges from mild forms that are almost symptom-free, to flu-like complaints with fever, headache, muscle and limb pain, to cases in which there is internal bleeding and vascular damage.

Not all infected people develop symptoms of the disease. The complaints usually last about a week. For the majority of those affected, dengue fever disappears without further consequences.

To protect yourself from infection, you should avoid mosquito bites. (ad)

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