The gut with great effect: good health arises in the stomach

The gut with great effect: good health arises in the stomach

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Important intestinal function: healthy intestinal flora protects against diseases

If you have health problems, you should always think about the intestine - even if it does not cause any complaints. According to health experts, the gut affects our whole body, including the psyche. A healthy intestinal flora can protect against diseases.

If you have health problems, always think of your intestines

It has long been known that healthy intestinal flora makes an important contribution to protection against infections, allergies and other diseases. But it may also be able to keep the brain healthy, as a study showed. In any case, the intestine affects our entire body, including the psyche. “He can never be seen in isolation on his own. Why you should always think about the intestine when you have health problems - even if it does not cause any complaints, ”explained Dr. med. Jörn Reckel in an expert interview.

Numerous complaints can be attributed to disorders of the intestinal flora

According to Reckel, a holistic view and treatment of intestinal complaints is essential.

Because: “Numerous complaints, such as joint diseases and even depression, can be attributed to disorders in the intestinal flora. This is because intestinal bacteria secrete substances that can damage all areas in our body, ”said the expert.

Detlef Eichberg, who holds a doctorate in natural sciences, knows how important bowel function is for us. In a contribution for "", the author explains specialist literature on health issues that not only well-being depends on the digestive tract.

Gut bacteria affect our feelings

Feelings always have an impact on the entire body. According to Eichberg, the nerves of the digestive tract are exactly the area that we become most aware of in its interaction between emotions and body reaction.

It is also known that the more than 1,000 different good intestinal bacteria can influence our feelings and even our thinking.

As Eichberg, who runs a pharmacy in southern Hesse, explains, these gut microbiotics have an impact on our brain and psyche by communicating with the central nervous system (CNS) through the release of messenger substances.

Build up intestinal flora

According to the natural scientist, every intervention in the intestinal flora, be it stress factors, probiotic components (e.g. lactobacillus germs), intestinal infections, antibiotics or intestinal inflammation, has an unconsciously reactive effect on our thinking and emotions and can even affect illnesses by influencing fear and intellectual fantasies such as depression, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis (MS).

New research has indicated that a healthy intestinal flora can be a good therapeutic basis for the treatment of various types of cancer.

In order to build up the intestinal flora, it is particularly important to eat a healthy diet. A high-fiber diet is recommended. With this one can promote the good intestinal inhabitants better. Fresh sauerkraut should also be on the menu more often.

Refined carbohydrates (e.g. sugar or white flour) and alcohol should only be consumed in moderation. (ad)

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