Behavioral therapies can relieve tinnitus

Noise in the ear: Behavioral therapy can help with chronic tinnitus

According to experts, tinnitus occurs in ten million adults in Germany every year. Many of the ear noises quickly disappear, but some remain. Among other things, cognitive behavioral therapy can help patients suffering from such chronic tinnitus.

Around three million Germans suffer from chronic tinnitus

According to a study by the German Tinnitus League, tinnitus occurs in ten million adults every year. Health experts assume that roughly every fourth person in life is affected by the excruciating ringing in the ears and ringing in the ears. The complaints are usually only temporary. But according to experts, almost three million people in Germany suffer from chronic tinnitus. Among other things, cognitive behavior therapy can help these patients.

Facilitate dealing with the disease

"According to the German. Tinnitus league in Germany, about 3 million adults have chronic tinnitus, i.e. tinnitus that lasts longer than 3 months. About 270,000 new cases are added every year, ”says the portal“ ENT doctors on the web ”of the German Professional Association of Otorhinolaryngologists.

According to the experts, chronic tinnitus is “not curable with medication, but today there are various treatment methods that make dealing with the disease easier and give the patient more quality of life.”

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the possible tinnitus therapies.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help sufferers

This therapy enables patients to learn to cope better with the constant whistling and ringing in their ears.

This is also pointed out by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations in its magazine “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte”.

With this treatment, those affected practice gradually paying less attention to the ear noise until it ideally takes a back seat and is then perceived as less scary.

Holistic therapy concept

"So-called noise devices (e.g. tinnitus maskers or noisers) that are worn on the ear like hearing aids help to drown out or distract from the disturbing ear noise with a comprehensive frequency", write the "ENT doctors on the Internet".

And also "the comprehensive tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) helps many sufferers to live better with the constant ringing in the ears."

The aim of this holistic therapy concept is "that the patient no longer perceives his tinnitus, or at least no longer perceives it as disturbing."

In addition to other treatment elements, the therapy also includes cognitive behavior therapy.

Some medications can also help to improve the patient's situation. The intake of such preparations should definitely be discussed with a doctor.

When do you have to go to the doctor?

Nowadays, whistling noises in the ear are no longer treated as an emergency. But the earlier the tinnitus is treated, the greater the chances of recovery or relief, according to experts.

But when should you seek medical treatment?

"If ear noises suddenly appear with a strong intensity or the distances become shorter and shorter, the ENT specialist should be consulted within 24 hours," explained Dr. Michael Bohndorf, ENT specialist in Düsseldorf, talks about important questions about tinnitus.

"If there is a hearing impairment, the ENT specialist should be consulted immediately," said the expert. (ad)

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