Mystical suffering: young patient sweats blood from her pores

Hemidrosis: 21-year-old woman sweats blood

A young woman from Italy sweats blood on her palms and face. Doctors in Florence have now found that the 21-year-old suffers from haemidrosis. The causes of this extremely rare disease, which is also known as "blood sweat", have not yet been clarified exactly.

Young woman bleeds without injury

Italian doctors Roberto Maglie and Marzia Caproni from Florence report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) about the case of an extremely unusual patient. The young woman had gone to a hospital because she had been bleeding on her palms and face for three years without being injured. The doctors found that the 21-year-old suffered from haemidrosis. This extremely rare disease is also known as "blood sweat".

More intense bleeding in times of emotional stress

According to the report in the CMAJ, there was no obvious trigger for the bleeding that the patient could experience while sleeping and during physical activity.

The young woman told the doctors that there was more intense bleeding during times of emotional stress and stress. These lasted from one to five minutes.

Due to the embarrassment about the bleeding, the 21-year-old was "socially isolated and reported symptoms that are consistent with a depressive disorder and a panic disorder," the experts write.

Diagnosis of hemidrosis

The patient was initially prescribed medication to treat her depression and anxiety disorders. This did not stop the bleeding.

"While taking it, we observed the discharge of blood-stained liquid from her face," the authors write.

Based on a microscopic examination, the doctors diagnosed "haemidrosis".

No explanation for the bleeding source

"Hemhidrosis is a rare disease that is characterized by the spontaneous discharge of" blood sweat "through intact skin," write Roberto Maglie and Marzia Caproni.

"There is no single explanation in the literature for the source of bleeding in hemidrosis," the authors said.

The exact causes of the extremely rare disease have not yet been clearly clarified.

According to experts, it occurs in some cases as a result of severe fear, unusual physical exertion or in connection with diseases such as scurvy, rotten fever or blood stain disease.

The Italian doctors finally treated her patient with the beta-blocker propranolol, which other reports have shown to be effective in relation to hemidrosis.

According to the doctors, the lowering of blood pressure in the 21-year-old led to a significant reduction in bleeding, but it could not be stopped completely. (ad)

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