Clinic ranking: University Hospital Göttingen the best hospital in Germany

Clinic ranking: University Hospital Göttingen the best hospital in Germany

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Universitätsmedizin Göttingen is the best clinic in the state of Lower Saxony
The Universitätsmedizin Göttingen (UMG) is the best hospital in Lower Saxony according to a current clinic ranking. Nationwide, the facility is among the top 100 of a total of over 1,110 hospitals and clinics.

Germany's best hospital
As in the past, the Berlin University Clinic Charité is Germany's best hospital in the annual clinic ranking of the "FOCUS Gesundheit" magazine. In Lower Saxony, the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) is in first place for the fifth time in a row. Nationwide, the UMG is also among the top group of 100 "Germany's top clinics" from 1,115 clinics and hospitals, according to a statement.

Best clinic in Lower Saxony
At number 23, the UMG is one of 28 university hospitals that completely occupy the first ranking places 1 to 28.

The UMG is one of the top groups among all of the hospitals evaluated nationwide in terms of Alzheimer's disease (rank 4), anxiety (5), cardiology (10), breast cancer (11) and colon cancer (13).

"It is not a matter of course that the University Medical Center Göttingen is again at the forefront of Lower Saxony's clinics this year," said Prof. Dr. Heyo K. Kroemer, spokesman for the board of the UMG.

“First of all, this is thanks to the great commitment of the UMG employees. They work every day to ensure that the high quality standards of university medicine in Göttingen are met. "

Satisfied patients
According to the information, more than 65,000 inpatients were treated in the clinic last year alone.

According to Prof. Kroemer, the quality factor "patient satisfaction" for the UMG and its employees has again been given above-average ratings.

Prof. Heyo Kroemer said about the role of university medicine in the top 28 positions on the FOCUS clinic list: “University clinics are at the top from number one to number 28 in the clinic ranking. This makes it clear that university hospitals are the central pillar in patient care. ”

And further: "This broad top in the ranking confirms the outstanding role of the university clinic in the German healthcare system: they are top in the treatment of people with rare diseases or the most difficult clinical pictures and in emergency care." (Ad)

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