Less health risks: more and more low-radiation smartphones in retail

Less health risks: more and more low-radiation smartphones in retail

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Low radiation cell phones with less health risks
The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) reports on a positive trend towards low-radiation mobile phones and smartphones. This is clear from a current overview from the BfS, which has been supplemented by 170 new models. The list is published on the Internet.

Since 2002, the BfS has been collecting the radiation levels of mobile phones available on the German market at regular intervals and has published the information on the Internet. So every mobile phone user can query the data of their current device and find out in advance about the radiation properties when choosing a new model. Devices that do not exceed a maximum SAR value of 0.6 watts per kilogram when operated on the head are considered low-radiation.

Although cell phones can do more and more technically today, they seem to be getting less radiation at the same time, says the BfS.

According to the latest update, the list on the BfS website lists almost 3,000 devices from over 70 manufacturers - including tablets and older models that are no longer manufactured. If you include the older models, the proportion of low-radiation mobile phones is 40 percent. If only current models are considered, the proportion is as high as 55 percent.

SAR stands for “Specific Absorption Rate” and is a measure of the radio frequency energy absorbed by the body tissue when using mobile phones. It is given in watts per kilogram. To rule out the health effects of high-frequency fields, this value should not exceed 2 watts per kilogram.

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