Science: Cleaning should be a health hazard for men?

Science: Cleaning should be a health hazard for men?

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Higher risk of death: cleaning is dangerous for men
There are rather few people who claim to like cleaning. Men in particular often avoid keeping the household clean - and that may be good for their health. A new study showed that men who clean have a higher risk of death.

Cleaning is bad for your health
If you keep your house or apartment clean, you not only ensure a cozy home, but also do something good for your figure. After all, many calories are consumed when cleaning. However, grooming seems to be less suitable for men's health. On the contrary: According to a new study from Belgium, cleaning men have a higher risk of death.

Higher risk of death among male cleaners
The study by the University of Brussels found that the risk of death among male cleaners is around 45 percent higher than among office workers.

In contrast, the risk of death among women is only 16 percent higher than that of the average worker.

The results of the scientific investigation have now been published in the specialist magazine "International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health".

For the doctoral thesis of the scientist Laura van den Borre, the death dates of around 260,000 Belgian cleaners between 1991 and 2001 were analyzed.

Men protect themselves too little
The researcher also provides reasons for the increased risk. For example, according to van den Boore, men are less likely to use breathing masks and protective gloves.

In addition, they often use cleaning agents incorrectly and misjudge the mixture of chemicals.

Because of this carelessness or ignorance, male cleaners are at higher risk for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and pneumonia, as well as for diseases of the coronary arteries and blood vessels in the brain.

In private households, the risks are even higher than at work, since the cleaning agents are used even more safely at home, according to van den Boore.

Sick from detergent
Other studies have already shown that cleaning agents can make you sick.

For example, scientists from the University of Melbourne reported the negative health effects of fragrances in cleaning agents and other household products.

According to experts, many such products are of little use anyway. According to household and environmental experts, three cleaners are sufficient for household cleaning. (ad)

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